Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba, Nebbiolo d'Alba, Barolo, Grignolino Piemonte, Moscato d'Asti, Rosato, Chardonnay and Favorita: these are the wines produced with grapes obtained from the company's vineyards, which are located in the best production areas for the various designations offered on the market.


Four types of this DOCG are offered: one basic Dolcetto and three selections which, thanks to the vineyard location and to the soil composition, give wines with unique characteristics.

Sorì del Sot: this wine is obtained from a vineyard located in the middle-lower part of the hill, in a charming natural amphitheatre.

Sorì Autin Grand: these grapes come from a plot of land on the tip of the hill, with one of the best exposures in our vineyards.

Sorì del Sot “Vigna Autin Gross”:this vineyard has produced small bunches picked during a later harvest for over 60 years. The resulting wine has great structure and a high level of alcohol.

DESIGNATION: Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba D.O.C.G.
GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Dolcetto.
HARVEST PERIOD: mid September.
TRAINING SYSTEM: Traditional Gouyot.
YIELD: 80 q/ha
PLANTING DENSITY: 5208 vines per Ha.
VINIFICATION: on skins. Alcoholic fermentation for 6-7 days at a controlled temperature in steel tanks. Frequent pumping over takes place to extract colour and structure. After drawing off, malolactic fermentation follows in barrels placed in sheltered areas.
AGEING: in bottles for at least 2 months after bottling, which takes place in February-March. To be consumed within 2 years.
COLOUR: intense ruby red.
AROMAS: fruity, reminiscent of cherry, blackberry and black currant.
TASTE: dry, pleasant on the palate, very low acidity, almond aftertaste.
PAIRING: a wine for all meals. To be paired with meat based starters, first courses and dishes that are not too elaborate in general, cured meats, medium-aged cheeses.
STORAGE OF BOTTLES: vertical position.
BOTTLE SIZE: 0.750 litre bottles and 0.375 litre half-bottles.
BOTTLES PER BOX: boxes of 6, 12 bottles or 24 half-bottles.
WEIGHT PER PACKAGE: box of 6 bottles 8.5 kg; 12 bottles 17 kg; 24 half-bottles 18 Kg.

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