The 20 hectares owned by the company paint a picture of the quality to be found in the municipalities of Diano d'Alba, La Morra, Treiso and Montelupo. Sixteen are cultivated as vineyards and the other four are designated to hazelnut tree, another important and much appreciated quality product found in the Langhe.

Vineyards of the Langhe: respect and dedication

In the vineyard, as in the wine cellar, you can appreciate the professional approach adopted, which involves a way of understanding the various stages of processing with full respect for the environment and the different vines cultivated.

Diano d’Alba

Most of the vineyards are located here and are characterised by the calcareous soil that produces very fruity wines with soft tannins and low acidity.

La Morra

The clay soil from this production area is ideal for cultivating Nebbiolo da Barolo - wines of great structure that are tannic and ideal for ageing.


The clay soil, alternated with layers of tuff, allows for harmonious, balanced and richly structured wines.


The prevalence of sandy layers makes the soil ideal for producing aromatic wines such as Moscato.